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Last Updated: October 15, 2015
Status Report: the University of California has had a preliminary discussion with the Director of DHS regarding options to improve access for students with MediCal, and have requested support to explore using state funds to pay SHIP premiums for MediCal-eligible students


Last Updated: October 6, 2015
Status Report: We have approached the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing. The response was two-fold: (1) all college health centers in Colorado would have to agree to participate and (2)the health centers would have to become Federally Qualified Health Centers. We have provided data for students at a specific college to determine impact, but have not yet received a response from the DHCPF.


Last Updated: October 15, 2015
Status Report: On October 9, 2015, a letter was sent from the Division of Medical Assistance and Health Services expressing interest in the proposal submitted and requesting a follow-up meeting in Trenton.

October 1, 2015: On September 21, 2015, a public university and a private college joined in submitting a formal request to the New Jersey Division of Medical Assistance and Health Services.


Last Updated: August 25, 2015

Status Report: Cornell University began a pilot SHIP in lieu of Medicaid program with the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) in 2013. Using a premium payment program arrangement, Cornell students enrolled in NY Medicaid and signed up for the program have the cost of the Cornell University Student Health Plan (CUSHP) covered. In its first year the program was open to undergraduate Cornell students and had approximately 210 enrollees. This year the program expanded to students in professional degree graduate programs and has approximately 340 enrollees.

This article provides an update on this issue and includes information on the Cornell experience (please copy and paste this URL to your browser to access the article:



Last Updated: October 16, 2015
Status Report: Initial conversations framing the issue have occurred between the State of Ohio Department of Medicaid and some higher education institutions within the state.


Last Updated: October 8, 2015
Status Report: This topic has been discussed among several public universities and preliminary discussions have occurred with several state agencies. We will consider putting forth a formal proposal in the coming months. This includes an assessment of how well the Oregon Health Plan (our name for Medicaid) is working for our students.


Last Updated: October 7, 2015
Status Report: An informal group of public and private colleges and universities began exploring this subject last year. There is a possibility that the government relations office for one of the universities will take the lead on this opportunity.

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